• Kelsey Sims

Hydrolyzed Collagen & why you need it

Consumer interest in Collagen supplements has exploded in recent years. This is due to the large amount of scientific research that indicates powerful anti-aging properties for skin, bones and joints… all parts of our body that age impacts. Unfortunately, as we age our ability to naturally produce collagen is depleted… by age 40 our body loses more collagen than it makes and by age 60 over half of the body’s collagen is lost. As is turns out, collagen is an essential building block for proteins and connective tissues in our body that help maintain strength and elasticity.

The Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology published a study where research demonstrated that individuals who consumed collagen peptides showed an increase in the size and composition of collagen fibrils in their Achilles tendon. This indicates a strong ability of collagen to rebuild and strengthen body tissue and muscles. Further, another study was published in the periodical Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism that said ingestion of 10 grams of collagen peptides per day (for 30-90 days) had a positive effect on knee joint comfort. They also noted that the positive effect was even more pronounced on patients with severe arthritic symptoms. However, probably the most convincing study was published in the medical journal Skin Pharmacology and physiology. It was a double blind, placebo controlled scientific study that demonstrated a positive correlation between collagen consumption and significantly improved skin elasticity, structure and moisture.

However, it is also important to note that the quality and source of hydrolyzed collagen is very important and will affect your results. Therefore, to ensure the best results possible, Livingtraditionally has decided to make our own Collagen Peptide which you can purchase at the Livingtraditionallystore.com with free shipping. Their collagen is GMO free and grass fed. The bovine it is sourced from is not artificially fattened with GMO corn nor is it contaminated with vaccines and/or steroids. Since, like all supplements, the body’s ability to absorb and process nutrients is extremely important, otherwise it will just go through you. This is why Livingtraditionally Collagen is Hydrolyzed, the digestive breakdown is half done for you! You will also notice that Livingtraditionally collagen powder is very fine, which means your body will quickly break it down and absorb the benefits. Don’t waste your time with other brands or cheap substitutes! Try Livingtraditionally Collagen Peptides today for a more youthful you!

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