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Essential Oils You Wouldn't Think About

As popular as Lemon, Wild Orange, and Tangerine essential oils are in the DIY cleaning world, there are many other essential oils that you can add to your homemade cleaners. Did you know that the following oils are all excellent to use in homemade cleaners? So that you can determine what kind of scent you would like, I’ve grouped them by plant type below.

Wood or Tree Oils

Many cleaning products on the market are scented with an artificial pine scent that seems synonymous with clean. But, by going the natural route for a woodsy scent you avoid the chemicals and get to keep the refreshing aroma. The oils in this category come from the resin, bark, branches, or leaves of trees to give you that classic uplifting green or deep wood scent.

Arborvitae: There are many reasons to add this to your next wood cleaner or polish. It’s a natural purifier, and also cleans the air as it is diffused. As part of your wood cleaner (idea for wood furniture and hardwood floors) it will help preserve the wood and keep it clean.

Cedarwood: Like Arborvitae, Cedarwood can be useful in wood cleaner or polish, or any all-purpose sprays. It also pairs well with Eucalyptus. 

Cypress: Cypress helps to cleanse any surface with its energizing and revitalizing aroma that just makes your home’s atmosphere feel fresh.

Eucalyptus: Perfect for a quick bathroom refresh, add Eucalyptus to a glass spray bottle with ½ cup rubbing alcohol and fill the rest with water. Try adding it to baking soda to deep clean your mattress and leave a clean scent behind. It has the added benefit of being cleansing to the air and works well in any room spray.

Frankincense: Long considered the king of oils, Frankincense may also have cleansing properties that help protect you against environmental threats.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca): Well-known for its ability to protect against environmental threats, add up to 10 drops to a small 8 ounce spray bottle with water and spritz on surfaces throughout the home.

Spice and Herb Oils

While you may not readily think of your spice cabinet when you think of clean scents, many oils that come from spices and herbs have the ability to cleanse surfaces and purify the air throughout your home.

Melissa: Also known as lemon balm, Melissa is the perfect surface cleaner that is especially helpful on kitchen surfaces as it is safe to use on stone.

Oregano: Also known as a hot oil when used topically, Oregano can be used in surface cleaners to harness its powerful purifying abilities.

Thyme: Add to cleaners to remove dirt, unpleasant odor, or grime from your household surfaces and promote a cleaner living environment.

Cassia and Cinnamon Bark: From plants that are closely related, both of these oils are strong surface cleaners. Add either one or both to your homemade all-purpose spray when environmental threats are a possibility.

Cilantro and Coriander: Oils from the same plant but different parts, both are great cleansers. If you like the herbal smell of Cilantro, try adding it to your next room spray to eliminate unwanted odors. If you prefer the spicier scent of Coriander, try adding it to your next homemade cleaner.

doTERRA Blends that Clean

doTERRA has a few blends that are specifically useful for cleaning purposes.

doTERRA On Guard®: Take a look at our doTERRA On Guard product line, and you will readily see that this is an effective all-purpose blend that can be a cleaning powerhouse. From the oil to the laundry detergent, doTERRA On Guard is a great cleaning go-to.

Purify: Countertops. The air you breathe. Those unpleasant odors that sneak their way in. You name it, and the Purify blend can help with almost anything you need to clean. Use it with your laundry, or in your disposal with baking soda and natural dish soap to eliminate odor.

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