• Kelsey Sims

Delicious DIY Fall Candle

Candles have the power to change an atmosphere; rooms are immediately cozy and warm, and they complement a hot mug of cocoa. But, more often than not they are filled with toxic chemicals that can harm your family and pets. Inspired by the warm scents of autumn, here’s a DIY recipe for autumn-inspired candles with essential oils. This recipe will warm you up just like a cozy hug!


4 cups of soy wax

Large glass bowl/jug

A mason jar

Candle wicks with anchors

40 drops of Clove essential oil

40 drops of Cassia essential oil 

Decorative holiday or burlap ribbon (optional)


Pour the soy wax into a glass bowl/ jug. Place the bowl/ jug into a pan of water and bring the water to boil over medium heat. As the wax begins to melt, stir the mixture with a wooden spoon. Melt the wax to a liquid consistency free of lumps. Once completely liquid, use oven gloves to remove the bowl/ jug from the pan. Allow the wax to cool off for a few minutes, then add your essential oils while the mixture is still at liquid consistency. Stir the essential oils into the wax mixture with a wooden stick. Take a mason jar and place the metal end of the wick into the bottom of the jar. Hold the tip of the wick so that it sticks out of the opening of the jar. Open the peg and insert the wick into the center of the peg. Balance the peg across the opening of the jar to help the wick hold an upright position. The peg should remain horizontal on the rim of the jar. Pour wax into the mason jar and repeat steps until all the jars are full. Wait 45 minutes for the wax to cool and harden. You can choose to put the candle in the fridge to speed up the process. Once the candle has hardened, remove the peg and trim the wick so that it sits level with the rim of the mason jar.

Optional: Tie the decorative holiday or burlap ribbon around the rim of the jar. The possibilities are endless!

Tip: for better results leave the candles to cure for a week before burning. Always cover candles tightly with a lid between uses so the scent doesn’t fade

Tip 2: From the moment you add the oils try to be quick in pouring the wax onto the jars as it thickens quite quickly 

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