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Cooking with Cilantro & Cardamom

While their flavors couldn’t be any more different, Cardamom and Cilantro oil can add flavor and digestive benefits to your essential oil collections. Both of these plants are well-known ingredients in the culinary world. Right from the start I want to remind you that Essential Oils are very potent and 70x stronger than your typical dried herbs. A drop is generally all you need. Remember, less is always more. Especially when cooking!

Cardamom seeds are used as a spice that is commonly used in the Middle East as well as Scandinavia for meats, sweet breads, and salads. Meanwhile, the herb cilantro (not to be confused with coriander, which is a spice produced from the seeds of the same plant) is commonly used in kitchens around the world, including China, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Thailand, and North Africa.

The Oily Benefits

While the fresh version of either cardamom or cilantro are available in stores, there are some unique benefits of the more potent essential oil. Cilantro oil is cleansing and detoxifying to the body when added to a veggie capsule and swallowed with water. Antioxidants are also abundant in Cilantro oil, and naturally help your body fight oxidation. In order to get either of these benefits from fresh cilantro, you would need to eat an impossibly large amount of the plant. Aside from the internal benefits, diffusing Cilantro is useful when you want to purify the air of any unpleasant smell and fill the room with a refreshing herbal scent.

In the same way, Cardamom oil is soothing to the digestive system and can slow down muscle contractions in the intestines and ease bowel looseness. Use the oil for this benefit by adding it directly to your water or by taking it in a veggie capsule. You can also easily use it in the same way for help with clear breathing and maintaining your respiratory health. I also love the idea of rubbing Cardamom on your chest before going outside to plant flowers or mow the lawn. By diffusing or using Cardamom topically, you can enjoy mental clarity and a sense of openness.

All about the Flavor

If you love the taste of Cilantro (according to a study of 30,000 people, some people have a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap), the doTERRA Blog is full of recipes you can enjoy. A few include:

Or, if you want to experiment with Cardamom the following recipes are for you:

Here is one of my family favorites! Give it a try.

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