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All The Fall Smells, Naturally!

The Holidays are approaching and so are all the delicious smelling fragrances that we all love: candles, plugins, air fresheners, potpourri, scentsy. It's true...aroma can set a holiday mood but there's no telling what might be in that fragrance. Scents are currently government protected as trade secrets. But we do know they tend to pollute the indoor air with hormone disrupting chemicals, among other ingredients of concern.

Don't be discouraged! Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to not only make your home smell like a Christmas tree, but they also diffuse beneficial essential oils into the air that are healthy to your body. I would love to help you get started with essential oils this holiday season. Get 25% off all dōTERRA products HERE.

Here are some simple swaps for the most popular holiday scented plugins. Make the switch to aromatherapy and diffusing essential oils and you will not be sorry!

Afraid to ditch your delicious toxic filled candles? Make your own. How amazing is it to know EXACTLY what is in your product and what you’re breathing in. I feel so good knowing my kids can be in the same room and their respiratory system isn’t compromised.

16oz Mason Jar

4 Cups of Soy wax

1 natural cotton core wick

25-40 drops essential oil of your choice. (I love Siberian Fir & Douglas Fir this time of year).

Put your wax in your mason jar. Bring a sauce pan with a few inches of water to a boil. Put your mason jar in the middle of the sauce pan. Let melt. Remove the jar with an oven mit. Use tape or two pencils to stabilize your wick. Let cool for a few minutes before adding your essential oil. That’s it! Enjoy an all natural candle🥰

Scentsy says that their wax tarts are a “secret combination of ingredients, used to create a pool of melted wax which is transformed into a wickless candle bar. Scentsy uses a food-grade petroleum based wax.” Can you trust trust a company who does not want to disclose their ingredients list to you?

Paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product, is created during the process of refining crude oil into gasoline. When heated, paraffin wax releases the toxins acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and acrolein into the air, all of which have been proven to increase your risk for cancer.

Burning several paraffin wax candles at one time exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for indoor pollution. Another thing to consider, is that though you are avoiding the soot by not burning the candles, the toxic chemicals that are in the wax can still be released into the air that you breathe, from heating the wax, in the same way that the fragrance oils are released into the air for you to smell.

🔺The dangers of artificial fragrances🔺

The other mysterious ingredients in the Scentsy wax melts are the fragrance oils used. Fragrances scare me the most because you really have no idea what you are getting when you see this listed on any label. A long time ago this term was created so that companies could protect their secret formulas for their specific scent creations. The problem with this is that you never know what kind of chemical concoction they've come up with to create this scent.

The Environmental Working Group's 2004 analysis of potentially sensitizing ingredients in cosmetics shows that “Approximately half of all products examined list the word “fragrance” on the label. Fragrances are considered to be among the top five known allergens”.

They also noted that certain types of asthma attacks are “specifically triggered by, and only by, cosmetic fragrances.” Fragrance oils can contain all sorts of combinations of asamines, ethers, ketones, lactones, terpenes, and most often contain benzene and aldahydes; all of which have been linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, neurological disorders, and allergic reactions.

So, long story short, ditch the fake and harmful scents and grab yourself a diffuser and make it smell like Christmas, your grandmas cookies, a spring meadow, fresh & clean NATURALLY!


You will receive amazing health benefits along with purifying the air. Reduce the toxic load in your home with better air quality. Support the respiratory system, a good nights sleep, immune support, mood benefits, you name it. Health benefits vary on the particular dōTERRA essential oils you add to your diffuser. You’re welcome!🤟

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